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What is the Payment Term:

  • it brings a simple state machine
  • it shows how to integrate payment into the system
  • it shows how to handle refunds
  • it allows to test checkout process in several ways
  • State Machine

The module comes with a simple state machine which has a couple of states, commands and conditions. With that state machine it’s possible to trigger events for order items from Zed’s order detail page.


A couple of examples which shows how a payment is integrated into the system. These examples show:

how to integrate forms into Yves checkout

how to add PaymentMethodHandler
how to add a state machine, commands and conditions to the Oms module
how to add CheckoutPlugins to the Payment module
how to handle refunds with the Refund module

Refunds mostly triggered by a state machine command, this module shows how that could look like. Look into the RefundPlugin. This command can be triggered from Zed’s order detail page when a order item has the state returned.

Test Checkout

You can do an order as you already used to it. A way to test what happens when something after saveOrder() goes into the wrong direction has been added. A good example for this is when authorizing a payment fails.

When “Invalid” is used as last name the order is saved but all items go into invalid state and the user is redirected to the PaymentStep of Checkout.

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